The Health Merchant's Mission

To help all people, young and old, learn about and understand true principles and practices that foster healthy dietary lifestyles and eradicate disease; to eliminate the distribution of foods made with harmful ingredients, including genetically modified organisms (GMO) by giving consumers better alternatives; providing all consumers with access to “CLEAN” foods at the lowest possible prices, including free home delivery.

Clean Foods Connection's Vision

Our vision is to make clean and safe food available to our customers at affordable prices. As such, we are excited to offer a low price guarantee to all our customers.

Even Bodie eats clean!

Low Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price on the exact same packaged item (product, brand and size), we are happy to match the price by giving you an Instant Credit for the price difference. Customers must provide accurate proof of the published lower price (ie. picture of receipt, website address etc.) from any retail or online store within 7 calendar days after their purchase. Some exceptions will apply, including: produce, bulk purchases, case lot sales, sales due to product expiration dates, other subscription or membership-based offerings (i.e Amazon subscription, Co-op etc.)