When we use the phrase “… most influential buying collective,” we’re referring to building massive bargaining power by combining the purchases of millions of consumers.  This is essential because without the purchasing might of millions of like-minded consumers we won’t be able to influence food producers, growers or manufacturers to change how they currently do business, producing and selling contaminated foods.  Until we can unite together in collective bargaining power with one voice to insist that our foods are clean and safe, we will be forced to rely on the status quo and good will of agribusiness, government regulatory agencies, higher education systems and the medical establishment to make changes.  In other words, things would never change!

What is CLEAN food?

Clean Food means certified organic and other healthy foods of all varieties that are verified to be free of GMO and any other contaminates including pesticides, herbicides, toxins, and synthetics.


The GREEN POLKA DOT BOX is a national aggregator of CLEAN foods and developer of state-of-the-art web and fulfillment services.  Our store is part of a national organization of Health Merchants that are powered by the Green Polka Dot Box ecommerce platform and operating infrastructure.  Green Polka Dot Box is working together with Clean Foods Connection to build the largest, most influential buying collective in America.

Are your products GMO FREE?

We are happy to inform our members that we are committed to carrying only GMO-free products on our site.  We plan to carry the largest variety of organic, non GMO foods at discounted prices at our store!

Is there a MIMIMUM ORDER requirement?

There is NO minimum order requirement to purchase any products listed on our website.